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Mia Eve Rollow

El Ambo Bajo, Chiapas, Mexico

El Ambo Bajo is an autonomous community adherent to The Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona (a national extension of Zapatismo). Mia Eve Rollow collaborated with the men and children of El Ambo Bajo to create this ritual. The collective act re-breaks the land to symbolically bury the past in a post-colonial act embracing the harsh histories of slavery and genocide. They create a “living memory” to enter into a new century with assurance, self-determination and autonomy.

Mia Eve Rollow is a multidisciplinary artist and a Chicago native. She has worked with communities in Mexico, India, and Palestine to create site-specific rituals and collective works of art. Her work strives to facilitate the expressions of communities through a distributed authorship in "lands of spiritual, social, and cultural resistance." To learn more about her work and practice, visit her website:

'Reverence' archives practices and perspectives that engage the earth

in rituals of respect. 

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