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The library is loosely organized in themes that are interconnected. Themes will continue to emerge and evolve over time as we continue to receive submissions. Follow the links below to explore.


"We do not own the land.

We do not own the land.

We do not own the land..."

—Nana Vibe S Juelsbo

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Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 2.35.41 PM.png


"In witnessing the mystical that saturates this world, we become participants as well, contained within each other and at the same time, totally boundless."

—Jess Benjamin 


"My water ritual became a way of grounding me in a liminal time;  full of turbulent and frightening forces that outstrip my own wisdom."

—Joshua Carroll



Infinity goes in both directions.

There is no unique event. There is no singular moment. 

I find that reassuring.

We’re made of star stuff. 

We are a way for the cosmos to know itself. 

Even if I can’t see it. 

I find that reassuring. 


"Storytelling is tattooed in our ways of life. When a taupou dances, she is powerful in her stance, her movements are graceful and timeless, like a Banyan tree dancing to the sound of the winds."


— Agapetos Fa’aleava

Feature_MtHF Project_TransHuman Saunter.

Answering Earth

"Our work asks the audience to consider how one might make an impression without leaving a mark?"

—Lydia Cheshewalla and Jessica Price


             Thanks for submitting!

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