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Isaac Zuckerman

Instagram: @jazz_drum_z

Portland, OR

Drummers practice timing. Time encompasses nature. Musicians practice blowing. Wind purrs gusts. People    practice tunes. Birds whistle melodies. Humans need water. Rain drips droplets. Students practice techniques. Trees support everyone.


I have loved living in SE Portland for 6 years and will be leaving to study music abroad very soon. I will miss the calm sounds of the city my neighborhood, where nature and city create an ongoing soundtrack. 


After re-finding my practice this year during quarantine, I now hear music all around me in the city. As I eagerly await the sounds of my new city, today I pay a homage to the Portland Spring.It is lightly drizzling, the sun is trying to come out. The birds are chirping and construction workers tap off somewhere on a nearby block. The occasional car drives by cautiously. Bikers pass and smile. The wind picks up and down, the leaves rustle. Dogs are walking their owners for the thousandth time.

I play along for a minute with the city that loves to play. 

'Repair' archives our entanglement with nonhuman beings. Emerging from these conscious relationships are forces that heal. The submissions below demonstrate acts that energize this regenerative force.   

Interested in submitting your own practices or rituals to the library?

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