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Answering Earth

Nicole Shaver.jpg

Miraged Horizon, 
7 x 4 x 5 inches

glass slide, magazine clippings, marbles, found pottery, resin

Documentation of cattail activity over the course of 11 sessions from November 2016 to June 2017. Iowa City, Iowa

Nicole Shaver

Largely inspired by ideas of place and belonging, I research geographical sites and employ them as metaphorical compasses to navigate the space between reality and fantasy, the banal and the sublime.


I endeavor to understand ‘place’ by engaging fully with its material value, elevating human detritus and local geology to the artistic practice. I am interested in the intersection between the natural and the man-made, objects that seem otherworldly and can catalogue the growth of our planet. I record this investigation of the Anthropocene, our current man-made geological

era, through image-making, employing interdisciplinary media: installation, printmaking, photography, and sculpture.


I am interested in how we perceive and interact with space, about the revelations that only can be experienced on skin in the open air.  As I explore the natural world, my body adapts to the rigid world of objects, melting into the natural spirals of change, rather than simply seen as an effect of the cause.  


Feeling the presence of inhabiting space through body consciousness sharpens my focus andassumptions about nature. What often we see, especially from the cities that have dominated our culture, are the influences of our presence on the world. This can create false, yet deeply rooted assumptions about nature, often producing results that we do not intend. The goal in all of this, is to see the shift of those assumptions one has in nature, about natural materials, urban wilderness and meditation.

'Answering Earth' archives 15 artworks displayed in the virtual exhibition Answering Earth— organized by Rural Midwest Artist Collective, with guest juror Jason Brown (@miningthelandscape). The exhibition called for any media concerned with the subject of land-use. 

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