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Answering Earth

Mary Bergs.jpg


Each half of this diptych measures 9x11”
Vintage postcard, commercial paint chips, thread on water color paper

Mary Bergs

This work examines ideas about visual perception and the ways we read the things we see. Our ability to read words is privileged over our ability to read pictorial language and our visual environment. These assembled groupings and individual works are presented so that there is an experience of vista as well as detail, reminiscent of our experience of viewing the landscape. I invite the viewer to look, to be aware of their experience and perceptions.  Perhaps to understand that images are never static, that the quest to understand what we see might best play out in the dynamic relationship between things. To understand is to mold what we perceive with our senses and to shape it in our minds, a shape that will vary for each of us.

'Answering Earth' archives 15 artworks displayed in the virtual exhibition Answering Earth— organized by Rural Midwest Artist Collective, with guest juror Jason Brown (@miningthelandscape). The exhibition called for any media concerned with the subject of land-use. 

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