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Answering Earth

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Kristina Sheufelt

Now is a critical time for humanity and the earth; collectively, we’ve only just recognized the human race as a powerful ecological force, but have not yet fully assumed the mantle of responsibility for this power. My work focuses on the complex relationships between nature and culture, not just in how humanity affects and interacts with the natural environment, but also how we map, categorize, and quantify these interactions. Through a variety of media, my works address such issues as consumer culture, climate change, invasive species spread, and the ecological impacts of art-making. My practice is interdisciplinary, aiming for collaboration with like-minded creatives in the fields of environmental science and anthropology. 

'Answering Earth' archives 15 artworks displayed in the virtual exhibition Answering Earth— organized by Rural Midwest Artist Collective, with guest juror Jason Brown (@miningthelandscape). The exhibition called for any media concerned with the subject of land-use. 

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