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We live in ​A More-Than-Human World—​ a​ world built from intersecting webs of complex relationships and multiple intelligences. We are not at its center but a part of an inconceivable greater whole. As author and ecologist David Abram says, ​“We are human only in contact, and conviviality, with what is not human.” In an effort to maintain hope, challenge human centricity, and democratize art-making, we are collectively building a digital library that observes the ​More-Than-Human World. ​Over the year 2021, we are inviting 365 individuals to contribute to this ​library. Together we will weave our individual experiences, practices, and wisdom(s) into a polyphonic and evolving web for knowledge sharing.

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Conversations: Observing a Year percolated out from our experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis. Through our exploration in the confluence of these spheres, we saw a need for a tool that could bring together different practices, beliefs, ideas, and stories about an interdependent world. 


In response, we are creating a participatory, ecologically-focused, socially engaged digital library that collects submissions of individual experiences, practices, and wisdom(s) about A More-Than Human World. Our intention is to organize the collections and form a ‘pluriverse’ of stories that help us make meaning in this More-Than Human World. The project is an effort to collectively build a space that engages in healing practices, democratizes art-making, and is a resource for learning. This is an evolving project.

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Workshops are an important way to expand this digital archive in the physical world. Through community engagement, we make the work and ideas explored in the submissions more impactful and meaningful. Next workshop will take place on June 29th 2021 8:30 pm EST. Hosted by Media Architecture Biennale. Click  below to learn more. 

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Help us co-create this archive by participating. 

A Collective Conversation: Observing a Year will be built with your participation. We are seeking submissions to include in this archive and want to know how YOU participate in ​a More-Than-Human-World​. 

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